• Term new loan: 10-30 days
  • Amount: 1K-10K
  • Interest rate: 1,8%
Total score
  • Term repeat loan: 30 days
  • Amount: 5K-15K
  • Interest rate: 2,5%
Customer Experience
Great 67%
Bad 33%

FastRupee Sri Lanka – a specialised fast loan service for Sri Lankans. People often face rejections from banks, so an online loan is a good alternative for when a person is in urgent need of financial help.


The first loan can be taken out for up to 10,000 rupees, and if you fulfil all your obligations in good faith and repay the loan on time, you can apply for an amount of 5 times more for the second time. It doesn’t take long to submit an application. It only takes 10-15 minutes to apply for a loan and start using it. It is worth reading the FastRupee terms and conditions before making a decision:

  • the borrower must be at least 20 years old, but not older than 80;
  • Citizenship of the island of Sri Lanka is a mandatory condition;
  • you need to prove your income;
  • the loan period is 3 and 6 months;
  • the loan has an annual interest rate of 30%.

Many people are confused by such a high annual interest rate threshold, but financiers explain that such a rate makes you think twice and only use the loan really in times of critical necessity.

Possible amount range 

5000-50000 rupees

Grace period 

91 days-6 months

Loan fee

1% per day

Annual percentage 



Entire territory of Sri Lanka

How to apply for a loan?

Fast Rupee is a really quick solution for financial problems. To take advantage of the online loan option, you need to:

  • visit website of the service;
  • determine the amount of the loan and its repayment deadline;
  • provide your contact details in the form;
  • confirm your decision to make an application;
  • then you will receive a SMS with confirmation or rejection of the loan;
  • if approved, the amount will be credited to your account within a few minutes.

If you receive a refusal but want clarification, it is worth contacting the support service. An experienced manager at can help you find out the reason for the refusal and guide you to further action.

Loan typeOnline to bank account
Applicant’s age20 – 60 years
Loan decision5 minutes
GuarantorNot required

Fulfilment of lending responsibilities

Before using Fast Rupee Sri Lanka, it is worth reflecting upon the decision several times, weighing the pros and cons and assessing the real need for the loan. For despite all the simplicity and ease, serious problems will result if the loan is not repaid by the due date:

  • accrual of fines and penalties;
  • accrual of higher interest;
  • collectors.

 Yes, in the worst case scenario, your contract with Fast Rupee may be sold to a collection company and then the unscrupulous borrower will be faced with rougher repayment methods.

Methods of repayment of loan funds

If you decide to use a FastRupee loan, you need to know what options you have for repaying the amount you have borrowed:

  • traditional bank transfers;
  • paying at Pay&Go terminals by selecting the Fast Rupee service and entering your phone number;
  • NDB or Sampath Bank wire transfers.

The customer can choose any method that is convenient for him and fulfil the terms of the contract. Experts advise to keep receipts for payment of contributions so that you have supporting documents in case of possible errors.

Is it worth taking out an online loan?

Fast Rupee, like many other services, offer their services on their own terms. To apply or not, everyone decides individually. However, it is worth taking a serious approach to all aspects relating to finances. As in all areas of life, there are advantages:

  • Fast Rupee is definitely the fastest service among its analogues;
  • the amount of each subsequent loan will increase if your repayment history is not ruined;
  • low interest rate for the first loan.

Of course, along with the benefits, there are also those that stimulate clients to think about taking out a loan:

  • high annual interest;
  • Fast Rupee applies significant penalties;
  • proof of income is a prerequisite for taking out a loan. 

However, these disadvantages are flaws for clients. For Fast Rupee, it is a way of securing the company and not going bankrupt. All the pitfalls should be explored before you sign the contract. The client can contact the support team and get answers to all their questions. Fast Rupee always asks its clients to read the contract attentively, because once you have signed, Fast Rupee will not accept your claim.

Nimal Chandrasiri

I am a specialist of a team that is working on finding worthy loan offers in Sri Lanka. I am engaged in the choice of lending options and assessing the benefits for the client from the transaction.

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Thanks really.critical situation u help me.

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I have lost my loan ID number. Is there a way to find it?

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