OnCredit Sri Lanka

  • Term new loan: 5 day
  • Amount: 2K-50K
  • Interest rate: 0%
Total score
  • Term repeat loan: 10-30 day
  • Amount: 20K-100K
  • Interest rate: 1,73%
Customer Experience
Great 100%
Bad 0%

✔️loan extension:

✔️loan type:loan online to bank account
✔️loan amount:from 5 000 to 50 000 LKR

✔️loan term:

1 – 183 days

✔️collateral or guarantor:

not needed

Credit companies are in demand in Sri Lanka, so it is worth checking out the current offers. Thanks to this, you do not have to look for missing funds from relatives or acquaintances. The amount of the loan is determined by the user, but before that, you must familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of cooperation.

OnCredit Sri Lanka offers quality customer service, favourable loan terms and other benefits to conclude the deal. To get more information about the specifics of using the services, you can familiarize yourself with a small but informative review.


Advantages and disadvantages of the loan company

Selection of a credit agency is based on reviews and feedback. In this way, it is possible to form an opinion about the rationality of the proposal. To make it easier for interested customers to make a decision, a list of benefits OnCredit loan has been prepared:

  • remote processing of applications;
  • fast processing of customer enquiries;
  • easy use of the service;
  • transparent working conditions;
  • no need for guarantors;
  • security of personal information.

To receive funds, open the company’s website https://oncredit.lk/ and follow the instructions given. This way, you can avoid difficulties and apply for a loan quickly.

The offers of OnCredit Sri Lanka are not without disadvantages, which also require your attention:

  • the maximum period is 30 days;
  • high interest rate;
  • penalties charged at the end of the loan period.

Other features of OnCredit LK are also worth checking out to assess the loan.



Availability of an interest-free loan

Every new customer OnCredit has the right to apply for an interest-free loan

Mobile app

The download link is on the website

Online application

There is

How to apply for a loan

If you want to borrow, you should start by exploring the OnCredit website or their app. There is nothing complicated about using the options, as the instructions allow you to do everything effortlessly. To apply for a loan, you will need:

  1. Fill in the form OnCredit Sri Lanka. The website offers a questionnaire where you have to provide the information requested. The visitor needs to select a loan amount, choose a repayment period and start creating a personal account OnCredit.
  2. Enter data. Registering an account OnCredit allows you to add supplementary information. So, you must provide your bank account details, give your personal details and allow the processing to take place.
  3. Sign the contract OnCredit. The contract is concluded online. The document must be signed after reading the company’s requirements and conditions. A careful review will clarify the loan options and repayment terms.

The completed application will be reviewed by OnCredit Sri Lanka loan. You will be notified of the decision within 30 minutes. Once the information has been successfully verified, funds will be credited to the client’s bank account in accordance with the stated requirements. Use the money from OnCredit wisely!

Debt repayment: What you need to know

Signing an agreement OnCredit implies that the debt will be repaid within a specified period. The amount of money to be repaid to the borrower includes the OnCredit loan amount, commission fees and other charges as prescribed in the contract. Thus, the amount may be increased accordingly to the additional payments.

Several payment systems can be used to pay for services OnCredit Sri Lanka. But there is one thing that all these methods have in common, and that is a recommended algorithm:

  • depositing the funds for payment and finalising the payment;
  • sending a photo of the receipt to a company employee in a messenger;
  • checking the account status on OnCredit.

In order for the transaction to be successful and for the data to be updated in time, the payment must be made according to the work schedule. Processing of information on weekends is not provided and this must be taken into account in order to pay debts just in time.

Amount of debt

Loan term, loan amount, interest rate

Additional costs

Fines, penalties, fees

Maximum loan amount

50 000 rupees

Maximum time limit

30 days

Deposit of funds: suggested methods of payment

Several options are available for repaying the OnCredit loan. Payment can be made in cash or by e-wallet. Regardless of which option you choose, you must give your OnCredit loan agreement number and other information requested. This is how the money will be credited to your account.


Choose a convenient method of payment from the listed options provided by OnCredit Online Loan:

  1. Bank. Payment acceptance at banks in Sri Lanka allows you to deposit funds if you have an account number OnCredit. You must also provide the amount, email address and other details requested by the system.
  2. Online banking. The account balance is accessed after entering the number OnCredit. To make a payment, you need to fill in a form that consists of fields for entering information about the client OnCredit. Transaction information are available on the website or will be provided on request.
  3. Cash. You can pay at a Pay&Go branch. You need to specify your telephone number, personal OnCredit account number and the amount of the payment.

Please be sure that your e-mail address or telephone number corresponds to the information that you provided when you registered OnCredit.

Features that make it easier to get a loan

The OnCredit loan agreement can be activated from a mobile device. To do this, you need to install a special app. Downloading the installation files is quite simple: the required information can be found on the official OnCredit loan website. The software description contains information about the operating system version of the device.

Installing the app OnCredit will allow you to check the balance of your accounts, apply for credit and monitor the results of your request.

Authorisation OnCredit takes place after you have provided your username and password. If you wish, you can save the information on your device. Automatic login to your account allows you to quickly open a personal account and use the offered functions.

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Nimal Chandrasiri

I am a specialist of a team that is working on finding worthy loan offers in Sri Lanka. I am engaged in the choice of lending options and assessing the benefits for the client from the transaction.

OnCredit reviews

Prabuddhi Malshani


A very good app.All. Registration was quick and easy. No problem .

rashmi sewwandi


It’s really unbelievable just 15 minutes they transferred to my account

Kasuni Thakshila


Thanks really critical situation you help me

Dulan Pasidu


Very fast service… and reliable scheme.

Kasun Madusanka


Thanks for using OnCredit

Dale Paul


Great app. They deliver upon their promises. Thank you oncredit for your help given in my times of need.

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