• Loan Amount: Rs. 15000
  • Loan Period: 122 days
  • Interest Rate 15,8-18,1%
Total score

It is easy to get loan funds to cover your needs. To do so, it is worth examining the proposals of the reputed company Cashwagon Sri Lanka, which offers a favourable option tailored to the customer’s requirements. The website has useful information for borrowers that deserves your attention.

To get a loan Cashwagon, all you need to do is apply online and get a decision from a member of staff. Signing the agreement will allow you to: 

  • specify the requirements Cashwagon;
  • examine the availability of additional payments;
  • familiarise yourself with the instructions for returning the debt.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the information about Cashwagon you need.

Maximum amount

The first loan Cashwagon is up to 15 thousand rupees;

Second and following loans – up to 50 thousand rupees

Duration of the contract

3–6 months

Availability of additional costs

Penalties, fines, fees

Registration of the application

Online on the website or app

Advantages and disadvantages of cooperation

The interest of the client, which is caused by a low interest rate, is supported by, Cashwagon LK thanks to high-quality service. To contact the manager, it is recommended to use online chat or write an email to the address given. It is worth carefully examining the details of the proposals for comfortable cooperation.

Cashwagon අන්තර්ජාල ණය සේවාව

As for the Cashwagon’s advantages, the following are worth highlighting:

  • the possibility to use a mobile application to make an application;
  • a low interest rate for first-time borrowers;
  • the application process and loan issuance online;
  • repayment of debts in several ways;
  • transparent conditions for the use of the loan company’s services.

Users Cashwagon Sri Lanka who want a loan for their personal needs use an online service to look up information. This allows you to quickly apply for and receive a loan at the bank account number indicated. However, the platform Cashwagon also has some disadvantages:

  • taking out a loan again causes an increase in the interest rate;
  • Failure to pay arrears on time contributes to penalties;
  • presence of requirements Cashwagon for the borrower.

Members who are at least 20 years old can take out a loan Cashwagon. Services are available for students and pensioners interested in obtaining missing funds. 


Sri Lanka


20–60 years old


Registration number

Application processing time

30 minutes

How to apply for a loan

You can get help from Cashwagon online loan staff on the website and mobile app. The application does not require the provision of a package of documents. An identification number and a valid bank account in your name are sufficient.

Cashwagon ඔන්ලයින් ණය සේවාව

A bad credit history will not prevent you from getting a loan Cashwagon. Checking these details helps to verify that there is an opportunity to pay the arrears. When providing access to personal data to customers Cashwagon LK, a guarantee is provided. Confidential information is not available to third parties.

There are a few simple steps to complete the online application Cashwagon:

  1. Filling in the questionnaire. The customer needs to give their date of birth, contact details, TIN and bank account numbers. It takes 30 minutes to process the information.
  2. Selection of conditions. The user Cashwagon selects their preferred loan amount by indicating the amount in the appropriate section of the form. New customers get up to 15 thousand rupees, and repeated credit will amount to 50,000.
  3. Processing the application. Information on the decision loan in Cashwagon Sri Lanka is available in the user’s personal account. If the application is approved, the money is credited to the specified account number at any bank in the country.

If you have a poor credit history and no guarantors or collateral, your application may be approved by Cashwagon. The issuance of a service loan for a period of 3–6 months is available to all citizens of the country. To receive it, you must provide documents confirming compliance with the requirement Cashwagon.

Repayment of the loan: repayment terms and conditions

Signing the Cashwagon agreement indicates that the borrower undertakes to repay the loan funds by the due date. To select your preferred term, you need to specify the information on the new customer form. The maximum term of the loan Cashwagon is 180 days, while payment is charged for the extension of the contract.

The calculation of the amount of money to be returned Cashwagon is based on the conditions chosen. New customers benefit from an interest-free loan. Re-applying Cashwagon Sri Lanka means a certain interest is charged on the remaining amount of credit funds.

You can get information on current debts remotely. Amounts owed by customers Cashwagon who are 3, 11, 21 and 31 days overdue include:

  • penalty;
  • fees;
  • fines.

Use the mobile app or website: The amount of the penalty is calculated on the basis of the loan amount and the length of the credit period. The client Cashwagon undertakes to pay for the extension of the loan agreement and other additional costs (fees, fines, penalties). 

Methods of payment

Repayment of the loan Cashwagon is possible in several ways. Customers can use cash, e-wallets and online banking. In order to close the debt on time, it is recommended to pay attention to the work schedule of the loan in Cashwagon and the payment processing time.

Members who have to pay use the details they provided at the time of registration. The provision of data is necessary in the following cases:

  1. Kiosks. The Pay&Go payment system requires additional information to be provided. Payments are made in the “Banks” category. Next, you need to specify the mobile phone number, the loan agreement and the amount of the payment Cashwagon. You will be informed of the charge in a notification.
  2. Points of sale. Offices are located in different cities, so there are no difficulties. Payment is made once the form has been completed. You will need to provide your contract number Cashwagon Sri Lanka, telephone number and ID card. 
  3. Online banking. Authorisation in the banking system will allow you to specify the data required for the transfer. So, you need to provide your credit account number, telephone number and amount of payment. Make sure the form is complete correctly and confirm Cashwagon LK the transfer.
  4. Bank branch. You can deposit money into your account Cashwagon at any branch. Contract details and personal contact information must be provided for replenishment. Keep the receipt until the funds have been credited.
  5. Electronic payment. The Cashwagon customer needs to fill out the proposed form and specify the amount of payment. As the fee will be deducted from the transfer, deposit additional funds.

Keep receipts to prove payment. Complete the forms Cashwagon carefully and avoid mistakes. The term for crediting funds depends on the selected method. You can check the status of your credit account in the customer’s personal account on the website Cashwagon. To do so, enter:

  • login;
  • password.

You should look for the nearest branch on the map Cashwagon. Here is all the information you need for a successful visit to the branch. Pay attention to the work schedule of the selected kiosk in order to avoid inconveniences. The crediting information is sent to the specified telephone number Cashwagon Sri Lanka.

Mobile app for customers

The official Cashwagon loan website allows you to apply for loan funds, but this is not the only option. Users can install a special app for easy access to the service. A stable internet connection is required to access your personal account.

Installing the application Cashwagon Sri Lanka does not cause any inconvenience:

  • find a suitable software version on the website Cashwagon;
  • the description of the options contains information on the operating system requirements of the mobile device;
  • downloading files from a reliable source does not take long.

The mobile app Cashwagon Sri Lanka is useful for making applications, checking account information and getting information from staff. Do not give your login details to third parties. Also, do not save your login and password for Cashwagon on other people’s devices. 

Application functions


Registration of the application

There is

Account information

There is


There is no

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This is the excellent loan company. they are fast, quick and friendly. i can recommend all the time this app and company for anyone.

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I got a quick loan form on credit for emergency matter I’m thanking them for that

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