Lotus loan

Total score
  • Term new loan: 92 days
  • Amount: 15K-40K
  • Interest rate: 20%
  • Term repeat loan: 3-4 mo
  • Amount: 15K-45K
  • Interest rate: 16,8%

Today’s society makes it difficult to imagine a prosperous life without obtaining loans. Those wishing to dispose of borrowed funds can always perform an ordinary search on the Internet and get acquainted with the available offers. Lotus loan stands out against its competitors with its favorable conditions, availability of convenient online features, as well as attractive repayment scheme. Everyone who decides to arrange a loan with this organization will be able to get the desired amount in 3-5 minutes.

lotus loan

Requirements for borrowers

To get the financing you want, you should find out if you meet the requirements that apply to all Lotus loan applicants:

  • Age – from 22 to 55 years old;
  • Sri Lankan citizenship;
  • an income of at least 25,000 rupees a month. 

You will need to provide your passport and supporting NIC documentation to apply for a loan. 

Important information about the loan

Favorable terms and conditions characterize the online loan from Lotus loan Sri Lanka. Essential information for borrowers:

Term for the first loan

122 days

Interest rate

12% per year

Cost of providing

13920 RS

Term for re-credit

182 days

Consulting services

3600 rupees

The company has an impeccable reputation in the market of such services. Its main advantages are stability and safety.

Pros and cons of ordering credit in Lotus

The credit organization offers all citizens of the island state of Sri Lanka to get a loan favorably and quickly. Among the advantages of Lotus loan LK, it is necessary to note the following:

  • approval in just one day;
  • simple and straightforward ways of repayment;
  • submission of the required information in as little as 5 minutes;
  • the client has no collateral obligations;
  • the ability to provide documentation online.  

The company informs its customers about a successful loan over the phone, which saves them from unnecessary trips. On the Lotus website, you can find detailed information about the rules for obtaining a loan. For example, the borrower can repay the amount early or exercise the rights granted. This lender has a solid reputation, but you should keep in mind some disadvantages of working with it: 

  • the absence of an application for devices, with the help of which it would be possible to carry out operations on registration or repayment of the loan;
  • paid counseling; 
  • the consultant informs about the responsibility for the formation of arrears during repayment.    

Lotus loan Sri Lanka is an online loan company. Here you can ask for a loan of 40 thousand rupees. The terms of cooperation with this organization do not include any hidden fees. 

What will the client need to get a loan?

You will need the following to apply for a Lotus loan: 

  • go to the organization’s website;
  • indicate the desired loan amount and other data in a special form;
  • send an application and wait for the manager’s answer over the phone.

It is also necessary to remember that:  

  1. The information provided by the borrower must be correct.
  2. Invalid data can be a reason to refuse to grant credit. 
  3. Additionally, the customer will be required to authorize the OTP code from his mobile device.  

Once the loan is approved, the client can receive it in his bank account. Then he will be required to repay the borrowed amount on time: he will have to make three equal payments each month.

Requirements for obtaining a Lotus Loan

Today, Sri Lankan citizens have an excellent opportunity to dispose of Lotus loans. 

The company has its grading system for a better understanding of customers. Favorable conditions and loyal requirements characterize this loan:

  • the absence of collateral;
  • all procedures for online registration;
  • providing electronic documentation only;
  • no more than 24 hours from application to receipt;
  • quality customer service. 

The repayment period is from 2 to 4 months, and early repayment is possible. 

Before agreeing to take out a loan, you should carefully study the available conditions:

  • Do not take out a loan if you are not satisfied with the rules for obtaining and returning it;
  • customers will only be required to provide NIC documents.

When you receive a loan on your card, you will be sent an SMS message to your phone.

Loan repayment terms

There are several options for paying the credit amount. First, you can make payments to Lotus through Pay&Go points. To do this, you need to enter your card number in the special section, make the payment and save the receipt.

Cargills Food City Outlet is a chain of stores operating in Sri Lanka. All of them accept Lotus loan payments. The opening hours of the outlets are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. You will need to enter your NIC code, get a receipt, and send a copy to Lotus Technical Services to make a payment.       

You can also pay the credit amount by making an ordinary money transfer at any of the listed banking institutions:

  • Sampath Bank;
  • HNB Bank; 
  • Commercial Bank.

The transaction will require your NIC and an image of the receipt to be sent to info[@] Lotus.loan. 

PayEasy is a payment system allowing you to make Lotus loan payments. It will require the following: 

  • register with the PayEasy service; 
  • link a debit card to it;
  • fill in all the necessary information in the financial section;
  • specify the amount required to be debited from the card;
  • activate the transaction.

Quickly pay your Lotus loan repayment fees using the online payment system of the banks mentioned above. The procedure will require the client to provide his NIC or registration code. The money transfer will arrive at the recipient’s address in the shortest time possible. 

Today, Lotus is a great alternative for people who want to improve their financial situation. In addition, its flexible loan terms make its program increasingly attractive to those living in Sri Lanka.

Nimal Chandrasiri

I am a specialist of a team that is working on finding worthy loan offers in Sri Lanka. I am engaged in the choice of lending options and assessing the benefits for the client from the transaction.

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